Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DIY * Ramadhan Kids Activities

Ramadhan Calendar
1. Using cardboard, cut out a desired shape (this mosque design is stunning!), paint it a  lovely green and dress it up with little pouches. 

Happy fasting everyone! Now if you've got a child crying for attention this month, how about making these fun Ramadhan calendars? It'll give them something to do, and for you to have that much needed break. Plus to make it more fulfilling, each little pouch could contain a small candy and a good deed for the child to complete. Here are my top 5 calendar inspirations!

2. Use an old picture frame, and with a few strings, paper and tiny money envelopes, you've got one rustic Ramadhan Calendar! Click here for the steps.
3. Find a thin strip of wood, preferably plywood, cut it to size and paint the days and number on to it. Get your kids to stick on stars and moons. Use string and clips to hold pouches into place. Click here for the full DIY.

4. Its as simple as a large thick cardboard, some paper doilies folded to look like ice cream cones and some glue. Easy peasy! Click here for the full DIY.

5. If you're skilled with sewing, use some leftover fabric to go the eco friendly way or some fun kid printed fabric and sew pouches onto it. This will last for years to come. 

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